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We are lucky in Britain to be surrounded by some amazing climbing venues, on a variety of different rocks. Limestone, rhyolite, quartzite, dolerite & slate.

Introduction to climbing.

Enjoy the feel of the rock beneath your hands & feet as you experience the precise movement & thrill of climbing vertical rock., once there what better way to return to Terra fir-ma than an exciting abseil.

We can offer wonderful climbing at picturesque single pitch venues. Learn the fundamentals of belaying and movement and enjoy that exciting abseil all under the watchful eye of fully qualified SPA holders.


Full day 1-3 people £180 

4+ people £50 per person

Half day 1-3 people £120 

4+ people £35 per person                 

Getting started-2 day course.

The aim of this 2 day course is to introduce you to the fundamentals of                 climbing, whilst enjoying plenty of mileage on the rock!                                  

                                                                 While climbing a variety of single pitch rock climbs our aim is to develop you                                                                              into a competent & self reliant second by giving you an excellent foundation in                                                                            the appropriate techniques.   

                                                                 No previous experience necessary.

                                                                 2  day course £150 per person minimum 2 people. 

                                                                 Before booking please read the terms & conditions page.


Introduction to Climbing

Getting Started 2 Day Course.